1.Mithril-rank Battle       
2.Out of Luck
3.Adventurers Rise Early
4.Secret Passage 
5.Skeleton Cave
6.Mysterious Dance
7.Heartwarming Dinner
8.Solemn Tragedy
9.Painful Goodbye
10.Acts of Kindness
11.Aesthetic Atmosphere
12.Prudent Footsteps
13.Clean Up
14.Humble Effort
15.Courageous Stance
16.Idyllic Landscape
17.Existential Evolution
18.Oh Dear...
19.Lightning Raid
20.Standoff and Bullets
21.Flickering Hope
22.Days Gone By
23.Small Puzzle
24.Positive Feelings
25.Crowd Fight
26.Relieved Conversation
27.Magic of Healing
28.Mysterious Laboratory
29.Que Sera Sera
30.Gnawing Impatience
31.Cursed Mask
32.Vampire Suspense
33.Sleeping Treasures
34.Floating Battle
35.Earnest Effort
36.Bustling Guild
37.Sad Farewell
38.Flower Garden
39.Magic Tool
40.At the Monastery
41.Military Discipline
42.Tiny Military Discipline
43.Baby Mouse Battle
44.Days of Sorrow
45.Rumors of Thugs
46.Garden Labyrinth
47.Dependable Person
49.Radiant Smile